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This collection contains every Rainbow Brite Episode!
Vol. 1


When Rainbow Brite originally aired in 1984 the first 5 episodes featured Recaps and Teasers of next weeks episodes. When the episodes were re-aired, and then released on video, these Recaps and Teasers were cut.

Now, for the first time, you get the ORIGINAL TV versions COMPLETE and UNcut with ALL Recaps and Teasers for the first 5 episodes.

- Beginning Of Rainbowland, Part 1 (Ep.1 - Aired 12/13/84)
While looking for the Sphere of Light Wisp runs into a creature named Twink and a horse named Starlite. While looking for the Sphere they find a baby... and a belt.

- Beginning Of Rainbowland, Part 2 (Ep.2 - Aired 12/20/84)
The ""Evil One"" tells Lurky and Murky to go after the Color Belt. Wisp finds the Color Kids and with their help, defeats the ""Evil One"", finds the Sphere of Light and discovers Rainbowland.

- Peril In The Pits (Ep.3 - Aired 12/27/84)
The Color Kids get captured and now it's up to Rainbow, Twink, Starlite and Brian, a boy from earth, to rescue them from the Pits.

- The Mighty Monstromurk Menace, Part 1 (Ep.4 - Aired 01/03/85)
Lurky lets the evil Monstromurk out of his bottle. With the Monstromurk's help, Lurky and Murky captures Rainbow Brite.

- The Mighty Monstromurk Menace, Part 2 (Ep.5 - Aired 01/10/85)
Murky looses the bottle, with Rainbow still inside. Rainbow escapes, and with the help of Brian and the Color Kids they are able to trap the Monstromurk back inside his bottle.



- Both Storybook Adventures
- It's Your birthday With Rainbow Brite
- San Diego Zoo Adventure
- Rainbow Brite Beginning (Re-Aired Version)


- Invasion Of Rainbowland (Ep.6 - Aired 01/17/85)
An Alien crash lands on Rainbowland. As the Color Kids repair his ship Rainbow must save him from the clutches of Murky and Lurky.

- Mom (Ep.7 - Aired 01/24/85)
Murky's Mother pays Murky an unexpected visit. Murky tells his Mom that it is really his castle in his attempt to take over Rainbowland.

- Rainbow Night (Ep.8 - Aired 01/31/85)
Murky and Lurky, hating the night, capture Moonglo and Nite Sprite in an attempt to make the night dark and gloomy.

- Star Sprinkled (Ep.9 - Aired 02/07/85)
Twink trades the Color Cave for Magic Color Crystal Seeds to a traveling salesman. Now it's up to Rainbow to get it back.

Vol. 2 V2/D2

- Chasing Rainbows (Ep.10 - Aired 02/14/85)
Murky builds a robot of Rainbow and tricks the Color Kids to bring star sprinkles to the Pits.

- Murky's Comet (Ep.11 - Aired 02/21/85)
Sorrell the Sorcerer crashes his ship in the pits. If Murky will repair it he will give him one ""choice"". Murky's choice ? destroy the color cave.

- A Horse Of A Different Color (Ep.12 - Aired 02/28/85)
Starlite and On-X get captured in the mountains by Murky and it?s up to Rainbow and a beautiful pink horse named Sunrise to save them.

- The Queen Of The Sprites (Ep.13 - Aired 03/07/85)
The colors are fading as the Evil Princess, claiming to be the Queen of the Sprites, forces the sprites dig up color crystals which she uses to revive her power.



- Rainbow Brite Bumpers
- 10 Rainbow Brite Commercials From The 80's



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