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8th Man Animated Adventures - from JAPAN - 8 DVD set

Join 8th Man in 42 Complete UNCUT / UNEDITED exciting adventures!

$50.00 Quantity:
Awesome Toy Commercials

93 UNCUT & UNEDITED Commericals of some of your Favorite Toys.

$10.00 Quantity:
Bananas In Pajamas - COMPLETE SERIES

In this 2 DVD set you get the complete UNCUT/ UNEDITED series, 46 episodes in all - the Complete Series - of Bananas In Pajamas.

$20.00 Quantity:
Elephant Show and Sharon, Lois and Bram! - Classic Collection -

In this 2 Volume, 16 DVDs set, you get 65 Episodes of Elephant Show and Live Performances of Sharon, Lois and Bram!! Plus every episode has footage that has never-before-seen outside of Canada!

$60.00 Quantity:
I Posed For Playboy

This sexy movie is finally yours to own

$10.00 Quantity:
Not Necessarily The News -Collection - Seasons 1 - 6-

Now you can own seasons 1-6 with the Original Cast! In this 16 DVD collection.

$60.00 Quantity:
Slim Goodbody - First 2 Complete Series!

With this 4 DVD set you get the COMPLETE First AND Second series of Slim Goodbody "Nutri City" ('78 -'79) and "The Inside Story" ('79 -'81)

$30.00 Quantity:
Star Wars Archival Collection

A 6 DVD Collection all about the Man and his Myths. Get ready for an in-depth look into the making of All 6 Star Wars films, from Episodes I: The Phantom Menace to Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi.

$40.00 Quantity:
Star Wars Holiday Special & Lost Auditions

2 DVDs of truly RARE Star Wars Entertainment!!

$20.00 Quantity:
The Green Hornet -Complete Series with Bonus- UNCUT

Ride with Kato and The Green Hornet in ALL 26 episodes - ALL Complete UNCUT / UNEDITED in this 6 DVD set! Plus Bonus Material- Movie and more!

$40.00 Quantity:
The Letter People - Complete Series

Come and meet The Letter People in ALL 60 Complete UNCUT / UNEDITED Episodes!

$40.00 Quantity:
The Lost He-Man And She-Ra Collection

2 DVDs full of rare and lost material all UNCUT/UNEDITED - bumpers, commercials, episodes- and much, much more!

$20.00 Quantity:
Zoobilee Zoo Collection vol. 1 & 2

Get Both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 of Zoobilee Zoo Together!

$30.00 Quantity:
The Adventures of Muhammad Ali Cartoon

Join Muhammad Ali In 8 Exciting UNCUT / UNEDITED Cartons - Plus Bonus Material!

$20.00 Quantity:
Japanese Spider-Man The Complete Series - All 42 Episodes

This 6 DVD set contains every episode of the Japanese Spider-Man series ALL 42, included among the Special Features is the Lost episode only seen in theaters. This collection has English Subtitles.

$40.00 JSM01 Quantity:
Filmation Presents - Rarely Seen History

4 DVDs of Filmation RARITIES! Including Filmation's first cartoon Marx Brothers Cartoon: A Day At The Horse Opera, which many believed never existed.

19 UNCUT / UNEDITED Promos, Specials and Pilots.

$30.00 Quantity:


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